The Status Window

The status window tells you what One Stop Automation is currently doing.†

The Command Buttons

The Pause or Start scheduler button allows you to override the default scheduler settings. You may want to pause One Stop Automation if you are working with Actinic.
The Run Now button allows you to start an unscheduled run.† If you have more than 1 action defined you are shown a list of the current actions.

Select the action to run. By default, the default (discussed later) action is selected. The default action is indicated by a *. To confirm the action to run press the Run button or double click on the required action.

The Run Default Now button runs the default task. This is set-up in the scheduled tasks options page.
When a run is taking place you can click on this button to cancel a run.† If you choose to cancel a run any dialogs that Actinic displays will not be cleared by One Stop Automation.
The OPTIONS button allows you to configure One Stop Automation.† You can choose how to handle dialogs, when to upload and download, how to export (and process) information and set modem options.†

The History Window

The results and progress of each run are displayed in the history window.

Hide from Windows Task bar option

You can choose to not show One Stop Automation in the Windows Task bar (normally the area at the bottom of the screen). Generally One Stop Automation runs all the time and you may not want it to easily accessible. To display One Stop Automation again click on the small icon in the notification area of the task bar (See the IconsIcons section for information).


When One Stop Automation is running it displays an icon in the notification area of the taskbar (which is in the bottom right hand corner of your screen).† The icons and their meanings are shown below:

††††† The standard One Stop Automation icon. One Stop Automation is waiting between runs.

††††† The Download icon.† One Stop Automation is downloading orders.

††††† The Upload icon.† One Stop Automation is uploading orders.

††††† The Order Processing icon.† One Stop Automation is processing orders.

††††† The Paused icon.† One Stop Automation is paused.


One Stop Automationís menu is activated by right clicking on the One Stop Automation icon in the notification area

The available options are:

         Run Now. Run One Stop Automation immediately
         Pause Scheduler. Pause the scheduler
         Options. Display the options dialog
         Close. Close One Stop Automation


††††††††† Scheduling
††††††††† Selected Sites
††††††††† Order Processing

††††††††† Connection Options
††††††††† Upload Options

††††††††† Dialog handling
††††††††† Setup Email
††††††††† Logon Details

Batch Order Processing

When orders are downloaded you can perform various tasks on the downloaded orders. For more information see Batch Order Processing