You can send information to your customers based upon the selected orders. There are several templates supplied with Order Processing for Actinic. These can inform your customers that the order has been received, payment has been received, order has been shipped and order has been delayed. These can be amended or new ones created.

Email Templates
When each template is selected the email text is shown in the Email Text area. It can be amended by pressing the Edit button. You can delete a template by pressing the Delete button. To create a new blank template press the New button.

To configure how the email will be sent click on the Setup Email button. For more information refer to the Setup Email section.

Once you are happy with your template you can send to a test email to a specific email address. This would normally be your email address. The order details are filled in with example data.

By default, you are asked before every email is sent. If you want to turn this feature off you should un-tick Ask before sending every email.

NOTE: You should make sure that you have selected the right customers and correct template before sending any email. If you are unsure tick Ask before sending every email.

If you are sending peoples? customer accounts details you may want to display an error if an account can?t be found. This can allow you to create an account (or see why wan?t created). To do this tick Stop of error is found in email.

Sending emails in batches
If you have any problems with your email server (or ISP) when you send a large number of emails at once, you can limit the amount of emails sent at once. Tick the Send emails in batches option and select the number of emails to send at once and how long to wait between sending that number of emails. Normally a 5 second delay is sufficient to resolve any sending issues.

Creating and amending customer email templates
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