There are certain options related to each report type. These are:

You can use specific settings for all sites or the current site. If you set these up for the current site you need to close the options change site and re-open the options

Report Location and Name
You can decide to use the reports as located in the Actinic directory or the Site Directory. If using this option you should place the required report file in the site directory for each site (for example, C:\Program Files\Actinic Ecommerce v7\Sites\Site1). This allows you to have a different report for each site (e.g. each with a different company logo)

Order Selection
You can choose to only print/export or email the report if has not been marked as printed.

Printer Settings
Each report can be sent to a different printer. For example, labels would normally be sent to a specialist printer or a different printer paper tray. If you tick Collate by order and you print invoices and packing lists they are printed together (pre-sorted).

Actinic Settings
When the report is printed you can choose how to set the Actinic status flag for the report. This can either be marked as Printed, Exported or Not Printed. Actinic Settings can not be set for Labels or Credit Card schedules.

If you are using the Invoice and using Actinic V8 you can also choose to print labels onto your invoice using the ‘Use Integrated Labels’ option. The paper can be purchased at the following website:

You can also choose to show product references and use Actinic report text prompts.

Address Format
Addresses can also be printed in UK or US format.
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