If you keep credit card details in your Actinic order details (normally entered by the customer on your website, downloaded and entered into a terminal) and want to remove them after† being used you can remove them.

When details are removed from the orderís credit card details you can remove the details in the following ways:

Credit Card Number
You can simply remove all details, replace all the numbers with * or replace all but the last 4 digits.

If you want to use a different character to replace the numbers and dates with you can enter your own choice in Masking character.

You can choose to remove the CVV2 value.

You can choose to ask for confirmation for each credit card number that you shred. This is advisable if you just starting to use this feature. To do this tick Ask before removing each orderís credit card details.

Additionally if you do not want this feaure being used you can disable it in the Available Features.

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