Sellerdeck Plugins |  3rd Party Software

Norman has an extensive list of Plugins and donationware products, the most well known of these being the dropdown product menu for Sellerdeck .

Plugins include:
NorPrice - Automatic multi currency display on entire catalog.
NorMatrix - Major extension to Sellerdeck implementing Colour / Size type quantity matrixes.
NorMap - Major extension to Sellerdeck implementing the Selection of a Choice from an Image Map.
Upsell - Upsell products for V6 and V7.

Donationware includes:
NorMenu, NorTree NorCascade - Cascading Drop Down Menus for V3, V4, V5, V6 and V7
Automatic Currency Converter on Prices/Extended Info
Dynamic Product Images. Dynamic changing of the product image when a radio choice or drop down list is selected.
Multi column product/brochure layout. Allows you to lay products out in any number of columns
Displaying images in the checkout phase and search results.

to see the full list go to the Drillpine site.

Greater Vision - Paul Barker
Greater Vision
Tel: 01273 782 015

Greater Vision - Paul Barker  

Specialising in integration with Sage Accounts.

Having problems setting up the Sellerdeck Sage Link? Need advice? Take advantage of our standard set priced, specialised Sellerdeck Sage Integration Service, to provide remote installation / configuration and support.

Sellerdeck Plugins |  3rd Party Software

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