How to list your Actinic products on the Twenga shopping directory

Mole End produce a Twenga Mash that takes your Actinic products and creates a feed suitable to send to Twenga for fast track inclusion of your products in Twenga shopping searches.  They may also show up in Twenga related searches on the major search engines as a result of listing them on Twenga.

The Mole End Twenga Product Mash for Actinic can quickly produce a Twenga feed. Various features are provided to allow you to tailor the feed to meet your individual requirements.

There is a 30 free trial. You can find out more information at:

How to use Twenga and Mole End Actinic Twenga Mash

There are three stages to setting up your twenga feed

1 Configure the Mole End Twenga Product Mash

Check the default properties to make sure they are setup as you wish them to be and add in any additional properties that you would like to send to Twenga.  Click on the link below for detailed instructions.

Click here to see how to setup the Twenga mash

2 Sign up to Twenga

When you sign up to Twenga you create an account for your website.  You give your company and website details. You also must agree the Twenga Terms and Conditions and setup payment details.  There is no charge to signup (apart from a small credit card payment of 75p that is used to validate your credit card details). To receive 500 free clicks the special offer code MOLEEND37 when signing up.

Twenga for Actinic is pay per click. You are given a list of charges when you sign up.  Click on the link below for detailed instructions on how to signup to Twenga.

Click here to see how to signup to Twenga 

3 Modify Actinic to allow orders to be tracked.

This is an optional step. However, If you do set it up you will be able to see if the click throughs to your site from Twenga are converting to sales.  As part of this step you will change the Actinic design and upload your website.

NOTE: You will still be able to use Twenga if you choose not to carry out this step.

Click here to see how to setup Actinic to track Twenga orders

Setting up the Twenga Mash properties

Output Filename

This is the name of the file that the product mash will create, you will specify this filename when importing products.  You need to specify the full pathname for the file and you can use the browse button to find   the directory that you would like the file to be stored in.  If you do not specify a directory, the file will be created in the product mash directory.

Products to Include
You can choose which products to include based upon a custom variable. This is very similar to the Exclude from Froogle Feed/Google Product Search Data Feed setting within Actinic.If you tick Check value before including you can choose a custom variable (clicking on the Set button) you are shown the following dialog:

You can then select the custom variable to use to determine if you want to include this product in the feed. You can set the default value to True (include in feed) or False (don't include in feed). This value will be used if a custom variable value has not been assigned to a product.

Note: When you create a custom value you should set its type to True/False.

Properties included by default

The properties below are included in the output feed by default, if you wish to change the value that is output, you can add the property to the list of properties and specify the value you would like to use.

Product URL The URL for the product.   (Required)
Category The category for the product, this default to the section hierarchy from the catalog eg : Home > Televisions > LCD TVs > Sony  (Required)
Shipping_cost The shipping charges, defaults to free delivery (Required)
Description, The product description (Required)
Image URL The image URL (Required)
Price The price for the product excluding shipping charges. (Required)

Required Properties

Several properties have to be setup before you can list on eBid, we have added these with instructions to the property list.  You need to go to the eBid options and set these to the correct values for your store before listing.  If you do not do this then you products may not be accepted by eBid or the options set may not be correct.

Brand The brand or brands for your products, if you have different brands for different products, define a cuser defined property in Actinic and enter the information there and then use it when defineing this propery.

Other properties available

Merchant_id Twenga Mer
Manufacturer_id Manufacturer ID for the product
In_Stock 'Y' or 'N'
Stock_detail Information concerning the shipping info Eg: Free Shipping
Condition 0 = New, 1 = Used or Refurbished
Upc_ean Product identification code composed of digits of the barcode
Product_type 1 = General Products, 2 = CD, 3 = DVD, 4 = Books
Isbn ISBN number
Eco_tax Eco Tax amount

How to setup Twenga
To start listing on Twenga you should create a Twenga account at:

Make sure that you use the link above to join, as this will ensure that an account suitable for use with an Actinic site is created.

Click on the large orange signup button to start creating your account.

The first signup screen allows you to enter your company details:

Remember to use the full address of your website, including the http:\\ otherwise it will be rejected as an invalid URL. An email address can only be associated with one website and so if you have several sites to register then you will need to use a different email address when creating an account for each site.

The second signup screen allows to specify details of your system setup and payment details:

Enter your website URL, your company name and your payment methods.

Select the number of products you are planning to upload (estimate only).

Select Mole End as your feed management solution and Actinic as your eCommerce solution.

Enter the full path for your uploaded feed - if you haven't uploaded the feed yet, still enter the name but tick the box below the feed name to say that you the feed will be uploaded later.

Enter the discount code MOLEEND37 into the discount code field to get a 500 clicks for your account.

The third screen in the setup process allows you to check and agree to the terms and conditions. 

You will then be asked to verify credit card details for your account, a small charge of 75p is made here to allow the card to be fully verified.

Once this is done there are two stages left to complete, script installation, which is covered in a later section of this document and is optional and your product file needs to be imported and verified.  

Twenga will now send you a username and password for Twenga and you can log in see the status of your account.

When your product feed file has been verified and installed by the Twenga team you will be notified.