Mole End Easy Orders Backup for Actinic

Mole End Easy Orders Backup can automatically backup your Actinic Orders database at scheduled intervals. This makes sure that you never lose the most important information from your website, your customer details. Mole End Easy Orders Backup allows you to quickly set-up scheduled backups by automatically searching for all Actinic sites available on your PC. This includes sites from all Actinic versions from version 4 onwards. It can also backup remote Actinic sites (if you have a drive mapped to a remote machine’s Actinic site directory). Please note that Actinic Enterprise is not supported.

The software is free to download and free to use. You can download the software from:

Starting automatic backups

To start the scheduler press the Start scheduler button. To pause (or stop) automatic backups press the Pause scheduler button. If you want to create a backup now press the the Run now button. To change the time between backups pause the scheduler and amend the minutes to wait between runs. If you want daily backups enter a value of 1440 minutes.

Being notified of backups

When a backup is made you can be notified by an audible sound or/and an email. The sound played can be any .wav file (selected by you).

To send an email enter a valid address in the area after you have ticked Email. The email sent will contain all the information displayed in the Mole End Easy Orders Backup status window. To configure how to send email (using MAPI or SMTP) press the button next to the email address to send the email to. For more information see the Email Setup section.

The number of backups (and failures) made is also shown below the status area. To clear these values press the Clear information button.

When you first run Mole End Easy Orders Backup you are shown the Backup Options.

Tick your Actinic Sites’ order databases to backup

This shows you all the available Acinic sites from your PC. To automatically backup the sites orders database tick the box by the Actinic Site name. The version of Actinic the site was found in is also shown. The time when the database was last backed up is also shown along with the database directory to back up.

NOTE: If your sites are not automatically found you can manually add the path using the Manually select sites folder at the bottom of the options page.

Location to Backup To:

You should select the directory to backup the Actinic Orders database to. This should ideally be on an external backup device. When backups are made you can reserve a certain amount of disk space on the backup location. This can be useful if the drive is used by other applications (or even if Windows runs on that drive). The default size of disk space to reserve is 1 Gigabyte (1024 Mbytes). Before a backup is made if there is less than the entered size backups won’t be made (and a failure notification is made).

If you have a CD or DVD writer installed you can also backup to that drive.

Only backup if database has changed

If this option is ticked (which is the default), backups will only be made if the database has changed since the last backup.

Compress backups (as a zip file)

If this options is ticked (which is the default), the backups will be compressed as a zip file. This will reduce the amount of disk space used by the backups by up to 93%.

Create backup name using site name, time & date

When backups are made the name of the file is made up of the Site name, Actinic Version, the first letter of the location and the current time (including seconds) and date. If the backup is compressed (as a zip file) the file stored within the database is named ActinicCatalog.mdb.

Overwrite existing database when making backup

If you want to overwrite a previously backed up database tick this option. You can only select this option if you are not compressing the database and are not using the site name, time & date as the name of the database. This option is very useful if you want to use One Stop Order Processing to view orders (not modify) when either not always connected to the main Actinic PC (via your network) or require a much faster response time where looking for order details. You can create a sheduled task to run at defined intervals (e.g. 1 hour) to copy the Actinic database to your machine.

How to schedule backups at specific times

If you want to create a backup at specific times you can use One Stop Automation (with either a One Stop Automation or Order Processing license) or using the Scheduled tasks folder.

N OTE : If you require more than one backup to be run a day you should use One Stop Order Processing. You can do more than 1 backup a day using the Windows’ Scheduled Tasks but you have to create a new task for every time (of day) that you want a backup to be run.

Using One Stop Order Processing

1. Selection the One Stop Automation options.

2. Create a new task and enter the following values if you want the backup to be made 7 days a week at 3am, (entering your own email address if you want to be notified of the task run).:

The program to run is:

C:\Program Files\MoleEnd\Utilities\Backup\ME_EasyBackup.exe -B <Window>

3. Configure the Order Processing options as shown below:

If you already have a program entered in the Run Program section you should remove this and add it in the same way as shown in point 2 as a new task.

Using Windows’ Scheduled tasks

  1. Open the Scheduled Tasks folder (from the Start Menu, Programs->Accessories->System Tools)
  2. Click on Add Scheduled Task.
  3. Confirm the initial screen (Press Next).
  4. Select the program called Easy Orders Backup for Actinic.
  5. If required change the name for your task.
  6. Select the scheduled interval and press Next.
  7. Change the time to run the task.
  8. Press Next.
  9. If asked for enter the user name and password to run the program as (normally this would be your login details).
  10. Press Next.
  11. Tick Open advanced properties for this task when I click finish.
  12. Press Next.
  13. Go to the end of the program to run text (next to the Run text).
  14. Add –B to the end of the line.
  15. Click OK


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