How to use Actinic with Metapack

For more information in Metapack use the following link:

Install One Stop Order Processing for Actinic. This can be done from:

2 If you don't have the Metapack view available (in the list of Views) click on Select Columns (in the bottom right hand area of the main window).

3 Click on the Import button.

4 Select the MetaPack.mev file. By default, this will be installed into C:\Program Files\MoleEnd\1StopOrders\V9\MetaPack.mev. Where you should replace the V9 with your version of Actinic (e.g. V8).

5 Click on the Import View button.

6 In the Sender Code you should enter your Metapack senders code (given to you when you sign up).

7 The Total Weight needs to be amended to fit in with your business. By default, Total Weight is set to 7 Kilos times the number of items to ship. You may want to change this to one of the following:

Fixed weight
To use a single fixed weight click on the Amend field details button and amend the Default field value.

Use the Actinic weight
We have developed an update to One Stop Order Processing to allow the total Actinic order weight to be included. You need to use the Order Weight field (from the Order - Weight Field Type in the Select Fields dialog).

. Click on OrderDetail in the Types area (bottom left of the Select Fields to Display dialog).
. Select the Product Weight field in the Available fields area.
. Click on the > button to move the Product Weight over to the view (into the Selected area).
. Select the Product Weight field in the Selected area and click on the Amend field details button.
. Change the Default field value to !!![$][1][5]. This will take up to the first 5 characters of the weight field.
. Untick the Include in Exported information (as this value should not be included in the exported information). Click on the OK button.
. Click on the Up button until the Product Weight is just above Total Weight.
. Select the Total Weight field (in the Selected area). Click on the Amend field details button.
. Select the current text in the Default field value and delete the current text.
. Click on the Use field. Select the Product Weight field and click on Use field.
. Type [.] to the end of the Default field value (e.g. so it will be [%Product Weight%][.]).

Use a custom order value
The Total Weight field is, by default, setup as Custom Entered Value 10. This means that to enter the value for each order you need to open an order (double click on an order or select the order and click on the View Order button.).
When the order details are displayed click on the Custom values tab and then the Edit order details button.
Enter the required weight in the 10th field on the right hand side. This is named Total Weight.

NOTE:You can use either Fixed weight or Actinic weights approach and override the value on any order by using the Custom order value.

8 The view has now been setup. You will only need to do this once.

9 Select the orders to export.

10 Click on the Export Orders button at the bottom of the main window.

11 Tick either All orders or Selected orders only.

12 This creates a file C:\MetaPackData.csv, which can be sent to Metapack for processing.

13 You may want to tick the Add comment to order memo when exported field (in the Export order details dialog) to keep track which orders have been dispatched. For example, you can add a value of EXPORTED in the field and then use a filter to only show orders that don't have the word EXPORTED.