You can choose to format the customer delivery and invoice addresses from any orders that have been received. This can be very useful if you are using label reports. You can choose to use the following formatting methods on each of the 10 (optional) lines that the user can enter for his address on the website.


The first character at the start of each word is turned into uppercase. For example, if someone enters melrose road, this would be changed to Melrose Road.


All the text in the line is changed to uppercase. For example, if the postcode is entered as sw19 2tt, this would be changed to SW19 2TT.

Other formatting performed includes the addition of a space after a fullstop, duplicate salutations removed, and multiple spaces removed.

To have no formatting on an address line uncheck both boxes.

If you would like to change the formatting on specific names or words press the Exceptions button.

The top box lists all the possible starting letters for names which have multiple capitalization. The default words entered handle the surnames MacDonald, McDonald and O’Leary or any surname starting with Mac or Mc or O’.

The lower box can be used to add words to not do any formatting on them. The default is the word UK.

You can also format the postcode (for UK postcodes) to use the standard defined format.

NOTE: If you are using Actinic V5 or V6 the Delivery Country address formatting will be overwritten if you go into the order address details tab, this is because Actinic resets this to your location settings when you go into this tab.  To correct formatting in this case go to Advanced Locations and change the country text to the format you require.

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