Site Selection options

If you have a multi-site license you can define which Actinic Sites will be managed during a run. When Automation for Actinic processes multiple sites it closes Actinic to switch sites and then re-runs Actinic with the next site to process.

Options Section
You can process the current site (a single site), all the defined sites or your choice of sites. When you choose the Process Selected Sites option you can select which sites to process by using the 4 buttons in the middle of the dialog or by double clicking on the site to move, within either the Available Sites or Selected Sites lists.

You can change the order in which the sites are processed by using the Up and Down keys to the right of the Selected Sites list.

NOTE: You must always have at least 1 site in the Selected Sites list. If only 1 site is shown in the Selected Sites list and you want to have a different site listed you must first add another site to the Selected Sites list (then the required site can be removed).

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