Overriding default feed output

Each product feed will include a set of default fields, you do not have to specify these in the properties they are included automatically.  Sometimes however, the default values, taken from Actinic, used by the Product Mash are not the best suited for your feed.   You can override the value output by adding the standard variable to the property list, you can then specify standard text which can include one or more macros, a custom variable or a macro with a default.  

Available Macros

Macros can be used to customise the output of your product feed, you can either select the required macro from the dropdown list on the property details dialog with an appropriate default or you can choose the 'text' option for a property and enter the macro name as part of the text, you can use one or more macros in text.

General product Info :

!!Attributes!! The product attributes, with each component on it's own line
!!AttributesShort!! The product attributes on a single line
!!BarCode!! If you are using Actinic EPOS this uses the product barcode (EAN).

Using the product's title extract the brand. This uses the following rules :
. Look for any text before a - (a minus sign). This is used in the field.
. If a - (minus sign) can't be found a tab character is looked for.
. If a tab character can't be found look for a space.
. If a space can't be found use the whole title text.

Even though this can be used for brand it can also be used for other fields.

!!Description!! The Actinic product Description
!!Image!! The Actinic image URL
!!Link!! The Actinic item's product link
!!ProductID!! The Actinic product ID
!!Image!! The Actinic image URL
!!Title!! The Actinic product title
!!OtherInfoPrompt!! The Information Prompt
!!DatePrompt!! The Date Prompt
!!ReportDescription!! The Report Description Text
!!SppURL!! The Single Product Page URL

Prices :
!!MinPrice!! The lowest product price, this will be the lowest quantity price break if you have defined them or the product price otherwise.
!!Price!! The Actinic product price
!!PriceForMinQty!! Price based on minimum orderable quantity, as set up within Actinic (ie price x min qty)

Product Section Info :

!!ParentSectionTitle!! As above, but use the parent section of the section that the product is in.
!!SectionImage!! The URL for the image of the products parent section
!!SectionTitle!! Take the title text of the product's section. If you define your product's section with information that can be used in your feeds you can use this value.
!!ParentParentSectionTitle!! The same as !!SectionTitle!!, but use the parent's parent section of the section that the product is in.
!!SectionTree!! Use the section hierarchy (e.g. VIDEO->VHS->OLD.
!!ParentSectionTree!! .Uses the section hierarchy of the parent section (e.g. VIDEO->VHS-> )

Shipping and Weight :

!!AltWeight!! The product's alt weight (as defined within Actinic)
!!AltWeightIfDefined!! .The product alt weight if defined, otherwise the product weight and  the default weight if the product weight is not defined either.
!!DeliveryCost!! The calculated delivery cost.
!!Weight!! The product's weight or the default weights when a weight is not defined(defined within Actinic)

Stock :

!!NumberInStock!! The number of items in stock (if using stock control)
!!InStockYesNo!! If the item is in stock use the value Yes, otherwise use No
!!InStock01!! If the item is in stock use the value 1, otherwise use 0
!!InStockYN!! If the item is in stock use the value Y, otherwise use N
!!InStockText!! lf the item is in stock use the value 'in stock', otherwise use 'out of stock'

Extended information :

!!ExtInfoImage!! The URL for the image specified in the extended information details for the product
!!ExtInfoImageOrImage!! The URL for the image specified in the extended information details for the product OR the products image if an image is not specified in the extended information section
!!ExtendedInfo!! The extended info. text
!!ExtendedInfoURL!! .The URL for the extended information page
!!InfoLink!! .The link URL as set up within Actinic on the ?Links? tab

Special Macros :

!!$<varname>$!! Replace the macro with the correct value for an Actinic user defined property, eg !!$ean$!! to replace with a variable called ean. 
!!#<option name>#!! the macro is replace with a comma separated list of valid choices for the given attribute name, eg using  !!#size#!! in the text for the size propery in google shopping would generate
<g:size>large, medium, small</g:size>
!!%<option name>%!! Using this macro causes multiple instances of an option to be generated in the output file, one for each posible value, so for example using this with a the size property would generate :
!![filename]!! subsitiutes the content of a file for the macro, eg : !![c:\myfile.txt]!! would become "This is the contents of myfile"  in the case where the file c:\myfile.txt contained the text "This is the contents of my file".  More detaisl on using the file macro are given at the end of this section.

Using more than 1 Custom Variable in a product value
You can use Custom Variables anywhere in your property definitions. You simply need to use a !!$ before and $!! after the custom variable to use. For example, to use a custom variable called EAN enter !!$EAN$!! in the field definition. Using this approach you can use more than 1 custom variable in a property definition. For example, to create a product description made up of some of 3 custom variables you have defined that contain the manufacturer, product type and product code you would use !!$Manufacturer$!! - !!$ProductType$!! (!!$EAN$!!). This is shown below:

Using the contents of a file as a value

If you want to put certain values, for example, your Ebay shipping Terms and Conditions, in a file you can include this file by using a !![ and ]!! around the file name. An example is shown below. This uses the value !!Description!! !![c:\Feeds\EbayFooter.html]!! to put a standard terms and conditions at the end of each product description.

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