Yahoo Sitemap

Output Filename

Type in the name of the file to store the Yahoo site information to (including the directory). The filename must be urllist.txt.

Server to upload Yahoo Sitemap feed to :

Click on the Get Actinic Settings to use the same settings as your Actinic website.

Enter the name of your webserver. This is the server that you would normally upload your Actinic shop to. Leave the connection type as Use passive FTP unless you have problems connecting to the server.

Path to root :

The path from the root of your server to where your homepage (and sitemap) is located. You can normally leave this blank (if your ftp server has been set-up to go to your root directory after logging in). If it hasn’t been set-up you can use FTP to login to your server to find out the correct path. Use the following procedure :

9.       Run a command shell (press Start and select Run then type cmd.exe and press return)

10.   Type ftp, followed by your server name, and press return

11.   Type your username for your server and press return. This is the name that you type in in the ftp settings in the Actinic network settings.

12.   Type in the password and press enter. Note that the characters typed are not shown.

13.   Type in ls and press ‘Enter’. This lists the directories.

14.   Then go into the directory that contains your main website, by typing cd {directory name} and press ‘Enter’.

15.   Repeat from step 5 until the main page has been found then go to step 8.

16.   Type in pwd. This is the path to your root directory.

You should enter Username and Password that you use for you Actinic FTP network settings.

Once your fil has been uploaded to your website click on the Click here to show Yahoo Sitemap website and type in the path to your urllist.txt file and submit this to Yahoo.

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