Mole End Software News July 2011

We have just released a new version of the Product Mash. There are 2 new feeds, Twenga and eBid, support for Google's new Shopping format as well as other changes, shown below.

To use the new version of the software use the upgrade button in the Product Mash's about box or download the software from the downloads page on our website. If you currently have a Product Mash 12 Month license you will automatically get the new feeds when your software is updated. If you wish to buy separate licenses for the new feed formats, the new Twenga feed costs £39.95 (+ VAT). If you signup to Twenga using the supplied code you will receive 500 free clicks from Twenga. The new eBid feed costs £29.95 (+ VAT).

If you have an existing Googlebase (or Product Mash) license this will give you access to the new Google Product Search format.

If you have an Amazon (or Product Mash) license you will automatically get support for the new selling formats and Stock update feed.

These new features are described below.

Google Feeds

A new google shopping feed is available that conforms to the google requirements.  This feed is initialised with settings from the google base XML feed.   Manufacturer code.  Shipping options can be selected.  Root to path is now available when specifying the details for the server upload.

Ebid Feed now available

Ebid is an eBay style selling platform.  A new feed has been added to the product mash that allows eBid Seller+ members to list their Actinic products easily on eBid.  eBid Seller+ members pay a one of feed of between £50 and £75 and can list then their products without listing or selling fees forever.

Twenga Feed now available.

Twenga is a shopping search engine and price comparison site.  Shoppers can search for products at and the site often receives good results in standard search engine results.   Mole end customers can list their products on Twenga on a pay per click basis and will receive 500 free clicks so that they can check the feed out for free.

You can find out more information about Twenga by clicking here

Amazon Seller Central Feed

Amazon seller central now supports the following additional listing formats :

  • Food and Beverages
  • Musical Instruments
  • Pet Supplies
  • Video
  • Music
  • Books
  • Price and Quantity update. This can be used for any feed type.

    Changes to Macros

  • A new option has been added to property setup, you can now choose a macro from a dropdown list.
  • Default can now be defined for macros, to be used when products do not have a value set for the specified macro.
  • New Macros Available

    !!SectionImage!! The URL for the image of the products parent section
    !!ExtInfoImage!! The URL for the image specified in the extended information details for the product
    !!ExtInfoImageOrImage!! The URL for the image specified in the extended information details for the product OR the products image if an image is not specified in the extended information section
    !!PriceForMinQty!! Price based on minimum orderable quantity, as set up within Actinic (ie price x min qty)
    !!ExtendedInfoURL!! The URL for the extended information page
    !!InfoLink!! The link URL as set up within Actinic on the “Links” tab
    !!AltWeight!! The product's alt weight (as defined within Actinic)
    !!AltWeightIfDefined!! The product alt weight if defined, otherwise the product weight
    !!InStockYN!! If the item is in stock use the valueY1, otherwise use N
    !!ParentSectionTree!! Uses the section hierarchy of the parent section (e.g. VIDEO->VHS-> )

    Product Mash Batch Options

    A new option has been added to batch mode to allow you to specify whether tax should be added to prices when the feeds are created.

    -T <option>  Specifies whether to add tax to the prices in the created feed, Y = add prices, N = do not add prices.

    Three new feeds have been enabled in batch mode :

    Googleshop - specifies the google shopping feed
    Ebid - specifies the ebid feed
    Twenga - specifies the twenga feed

    -O <option>   The output filename for the feed produced to be stored in - only use this if you are exporting a single feed.

    -A   <amazon feed type>     The amazon feed type to use for this run (only used if an amazon seller central feed is being produced.  Enter the keywork in the left hand column to produce a feed for the category shown in the right hand column.

    ELECTRONICS Consumer Electronics
    HOME Home and Garden
    TOYS Toys and Baby
    WATCHES Watches
    JEWELLERY Jewellry
    SOFTWARE Software and Video Games
    SPORTS Sports
    BEAUTY Beauty
    HOME Home Improvements
    OFFICE Office
    APPAREL Apparel
    LIGHTING Lighting
    AUTOMOTIVE Automotive
    FOOD Food and Beverages
    INSTRUMENTS Musical Instrucments
    PETS Pet Supplies
    VIDEO Video
    MUSIC Music
    BOOKS Books
    PRICES Price and Quantity (update feed)

    -H <option>  Include hidden products  Y = include hidden products, N = do not include hidden products

    -D <option>  Include duplicates,  Y = include duplicates, N = do not include duplicates

    Actinic flat file format export

    You can now include details of extended information fields in the export.

    Kelkoo Feed

    The Kelkoo free format has been removed as an option because kelkoo free is no longer available.

    Ebay  Feed

    The spoonfeeder format has been removed as an option because spoonfeeder is no longer available.

    Bug Fixes

    Shipping The 'Professional Computer Bundle' and 'Multimedia PC' products in default site now show the correct shipping costs in feeds
    The shipping details are now correctly initialised, in the Price grabber feed
    Changes to shipping zones in Actinic now take effect immediately in the product mash
    VAT exclusive price is now always used when checking for the free postage due to the 'free over' amount
    Default weights are taken into account when calculating the shipping weight.
    Properties Problems with editing and removing properties have been fixed.
    Excluding Products Use parent is now honoured for the exclusion variables.
    The user interface for excluding products from feeds is now clearer
    Actinic Flat File
    If a custom variable is used to specify which image should be used in the feed the full filepath of the image is now added to the filename.
    Ebay Mash A spelling mistake has been corrected in the options for the 'site' property.
    General If you choose to link to the extended information page, the product page is now automatically used when an extended information page does not exist.
    HTML is now correctly removed  when the !!ExtendedInfo!! macro is used
    Quotes are now correctly output, some feeds were outputtng more than required previously.
    The extended information page URL is now correct for duplicates.
    Channel Advisor The mandatory fields are now displayed immediately when you define the options a new channel advisor site.
    Amazon Quantity is now output correctly in the home improvements feed format.
    The 'product_type' is now exported correctly for all feed types